Welcome to the Demo for the Knapstack Theme.

With this theme, you have total control over all colours, images, and content!

Build Amazing Pages

"I made this brick and set it to be centered with a green background." - Some Guy (2014)

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Videos tell your story.

Displaying your videos takes a single click and url-paste using the MP Stacks Plugin. Placement on your page is always perfect. No messing with code of any kind.


They're your Bricks. Set them how you like them.

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A "Brick" Can Be Text-Only...

...any color, any height, and can contain any thing. Lets start from the top. A "Page" contains a "Stack", a "Stack" is made out of "Bricks", and each "Brick" has 2 "Content Types", a Background, and an overall size. Making sense?

Bricks are, quite literally, the building blocks for your page. They have their own Backgrounds, their own Font Sizes, and their own Content Types (Videos, Images, Text, and tons more!)

So a Brick can be just a ton of text - like this one you're reading is! Or they could be:

  • Text and a Video.
  • Text and an Image.
  • Video and an Image.

You can even flip them...

Flip Content-Types around using the Alignment feature. If you think that Text looks good to the left of your video one day, and think it might look good on the right the next day, you can simply flip them around by putting the "Text" into "Content Area 1", and putting the Video into "Content Area 2".

You can even position both Content Types above each other, centered and filling the entire brick. Here's a breakdown of how Content Types can be aligned within Bricks:

  • Left/Right
  • Centered
  • All on Left
  • All on Right


...as many bricks per stack as you want. No limits.

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