This is a preview of the Parallax Add-On Plugin for MP Stacks.

Notice how the backgrounds are moving at a different speed than the foregrounds? That's the MP Stacks + Parallax Add-On at work.

Set up Parallax in just seconds!

...and turn it on or off for specific Bricks.

Tip: To get a nice subtle effect, keep your speeds low and only add it to a few bricks.

And set the speed of the background AND the foreground content-types

Add Depth and Character to your pages

Add depth and character

Set the speeds with just a slider.
No coding needed. Ever.

Parallax Menu Bar

Here's the Options

That will be added to your Bricks in MP Stacks
(Click to view close-up)

You can even apply different speeds for your Content Types!

Like how this one is moving at a different pace...

You can even apply it to content types

Where can I get it?